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“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

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About our grants

As a 501.c.3 organization, the Cuchara Foundation has provided resources to other non-profits, schools, and governmental agencies in the community for projects that fit the CF mission.


In the past the CF has provided grants to the La Veta Fire Protection District, the La Veta School District, the La Veta Public Library, the Cuchara Valley Recreation Association, Francisco Fort, and SPACe Gallery.  


After the 2018 Spring Creek Fire, the CF headed up a fundraising campaign to help those in the Cuchara community were unable to work during the evacuation and/or who suffered from other losses during that time.  The community, as always rallied around and we were able to give more than $100,000 to those in need.


Since the purchase of the Cuchara Mountain Park, with 100% of the funding coming from the Cuchara Foundation, the Park has been a primary focus for the CF.  Thanks to generous contributions from the community, the CF paid for a portion of the long-term Park planning process undertaken in 2017.  Among many projects at the Park that the CF has paid for are these:  we have also helped pay for a new roof on the Day Lodge, purchased the wood burning stove in the Day Lodge, paid for 12 hand-crafted benches and an outdoor information kiosk, helped install and maintain the disc golf and mini golf courses, procured funding for and facilitated the installation of a large bat house, park signage, a children's climbing structure, an outdoor learning pavilion, and a bike park, and supplied the Day Lodge with a never-ending supply of hot chocolate and coffee for visitors on cold days.  The Foundation also received a grant from Bar NI to pay four young people to do fire mitigation on the mountain.  


In 2019, when the “Up the Hill” group began serious work on the Lift Four renovation, the CF donated a generous sum to get them started.  (Since then, that group has formed its own non-profit, Panadero Ski Corporation, devoted to the lift work, and they now solicit their own funding. They entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Huerfano County and are now the official stewards of the Cuchara Mountain Park. Visit their website, or follow them on social media for more information: Instagram:  or Facebook:


Those are the large scale Park items that the CF has helped with, but there are numerous smaller things that are needed and that the county can’t provide; but, because of the community’s support, the CF is usually ready and able to step in to help.


As you can see, contributions to the Cuchara Foundation make a difference!  We encourage you to consider making donations on a regular basis.


Currently, the Cuchara Foundation is not taking grant applications.  Information about future grant opportunities will be available on our Facebook page and in the local paper.


About contributions

The Cuchara Foundation is run by a volunteer board so the only expenses we incur are for board insurance, accountant fees, website hosting fees, and miscellaneous incidentals.  You can be comfortable knowing that your donation will go to helping the Cuchara community.


Mail your donation to:
Cuchara Foundation

P.O. Box 316

La Veta, CO 81055

Or, donate in one of the following ways: 

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