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Welcome to
   the Cuchara Foundation 


We are a nonprofit organization focused on improving life in the Cuchara Valley.  The mission of the Cuchara Foundation is to honor its history, respect the environment, and support opportunities to learn and have fun in the Cuchara Valley. By supporting various organizations and activities we aim to help keep our history alive, our environment natural, and our people happy.  The Cuchara Foundation undertakes various fundraising efforts and distributes grants for education, recreation, and history related to our mission.

  • Visit our Cuchara Valley to learn more about its past, enjoy its natural environment, and meet the wonderful people who call it home.

  • Enjoy our website to learn more about us and the magical Cuchara Valley.  ​Read our by-laws here.

  • Consider helping our cause through a donation. 

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Cuchara Valley

The Cuchara Valley doesn't have clear boundaries.  By tradition, it refers to the area from the top of Cuchara Pass (roughly Farley Overlook) to the town of LaVeta, following along the Cucharas River.


It's an area rich in beauty with rare rock walls, called "dikes," radiating out from West Spanish Peak.  Wildflowers, pine trees, and aspen grow in the area and wildlife amazes and entertains us.  We're a friendly and community-oriented area, whose hospitality makes up for our small population.


Cuchara Mountain Park

The Cuchara Mountain Park is a 50-acre property belonging to Huerfano County. The Park was purchased with donations from the community through The Cuchara Foundation. 

The Park offers opportunities to snowshoe, sled, and cross-country ski when the snow is good. Fall,  summer, and late spring usually bring beautiful weather for hiking, disc golf, mini-golf, bird watching, and practicing mountain biking skills on the park's new "pump track."  

CMP is free and open to the public every day. Visit the park's website for more information.

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Cuchara Foundation

The Cuchara Foundation partners with the local community through outreach programs and events to educate citizens and visitors about the Valley and to preserve Cuchara’s unique natural beauty, history, and recreational opportunities for future generations.

The 2024 Cuchara Foundation Board Members are:

VACANT (President)

TR Beasley (Treasurer)

Amanda Braziel-Holleman (Secretary)     

Jen Hotaling

Mike Moore

Chris Smith

Ashley Hall

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